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The SCL Single Close Construction Loan may include land, construction and permanent financing with a one-time close. This loan program may be used for stick-built, modular or manufactured.

Deciding to build your own home can offer many benefits. From building the house you’ve always dreamed of to giving you the flexibility to build in an area of your choice, it’s a great choice for homeowners who want options.

One big decision you’ll need to make when deciding to build your own home is how to finance your new construction home. Traditionally you would have to go the process to obtain separate loans for land and construction and then another loan for the permanent financing.

What is a Single Close Construction Loan?

A ‘Single Close Construction to Permanent Loan’ is a unique residential loan program that can be used to close both the construction loan and permanent financing of a new home at one time.

With a Single Close Construction loan, the process is streamlined: One mortgage loan originator, one loan, and a one closing process and costs. This saves money, helps reduce the time to move into your house, and protects you against unforeseen circumstances down the road. No loan payments until construction is complete!

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*Single Close Construction loans are also referred to as: Single Close Loan, Single Close Mortgage, Construction to Permanent Loan, One Time Close Loan, Construction Conversion Loans, CTP Loans and All In One Loans.